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Our Experiences

Sri Ramakrishna Hospitals, Coimbatore, India

  • End to End Onco EMR v2.1 implemented
  • Live from July 4th 2019
  • Inbuilt Chemo Protocol Framework
  • Clean data sets for Better Analytics & Research

Government Royapettah Cancer Hospital, Chennai, India

Phase I-Oncology Specific Electronic Medical Record System Implementation Used by more 30+ professionals in the Hospital based on roles

Phase II- Onco Reports and Analytics

  • Demographic Reports
  • Gender Based Reports
  • Type Reports

Amrita Hospitals - RadiationTherapy, Kochi, India

  • Oncology Research and Analytics Tool
  • Protocol based Clinical Trials and Statistical Analysis

AKROS - Dr.Anil Kumar Radiation Oncology Services.

  • Implemented Cloud Solution.
  • Covers 8 Hospitals in Bangalore
  • Access through the internet by secure login
  • Patient SMS alert system included.

Kauvery Hospital, Trichy, India.

  • Screens on Final Diagnosis.
  • Provisional Summary.
  • Review and Follow up Screens added.