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Oncology Analytics


As they say Data is the new age oil, it applies to the field of oncology as well. Armed with digitized data, we not only slice & dice but also transform the data for analysis in our Pre Built Analytics Engine as part of OASIS platform. We analyse data to generate insights, discover trends, determine treatment efficacy and much more to derive intelligence out of digitized data.

Ranging from simple adhoc reports to more complex analysis, Jana Analysis can support as an inbuilt platform enabled reporting model or partner with you as your analytics services provider.

Onco Dashboard

Included in OASIS is Onco Dashboard which provides a complete view of Key Parameters such as No. of new patients on a monthly basis, Organ of an interest-based histogram, Gender-based pie chart, Treatment type view, etc. These charts and graphs have clickable options and enable the user to view the data with a click of a button and thus providing drill-down options. Our dashboards increase the efficiency of operations by saving time to see and understand realities. This is the commitment we give to our customers in terms of speed to value.

Onco Reports

Apart from Dashboards, we provide Onco Reports such as Treatment reports for Surgery, Chemo, and Radiation. Users can filter data based on their research needs easily by selecting the required dropdowns. All these reports are interactive with drill-down capabilities.

As part of the future roadmap, we are looking to partner with Pharma companies and Clinical Research Organizations in building an analytics platform for their research and analysis purposes.