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Onco Data Digitization

Onco Reports

Patient 360 view

Advanced Research Enablement


Jana Analysis recently implemented Cloud Based Oncology Analytics Solution for Dr. Anil Kumar Radiation Oncology Services, A team of Oncology Doctors based in Bangalore.

Why Jana Analysis 

Cancer is a global disease which is on the rise. There is lack of coordinated framework to capture disease related data and derive intelligence out of it. In fact many hospitals still use paper based processes to capture patient, treatment and outcome data. We at Jana Analysis understand the challenges the healthcare organizations and clinicians face in terms of understanding data. Through our specially designed End to End platform OASIS, we help in transforming Oncology care through digitization of patient records, evidence based care, enablement of advanced research through data analytics at the same time improving hospital operations  by way of intelligence reporting.

                                                                 Our APPROACH

EMR Implementation

Capturing Onco Specific Inpatient Date

Self Service or Managed Service Models

Customize as per Hospital needs

To Include Data Elements     required for Research.        

TARGET AUDIENCE: Hospital, Doctors, Healthcare Providers

Oncology, Reporting, Analysis & Insights Generation, Visualization.

Scheduled & Ad-hoc Reports

 Data & Report Democratization

Customized Reports & Value generation

 Managed Service

TARGET AUDIENCE: Hospital, Doctors, Management, Social and Government agencies.

R&D Needs, Clinical Trials, Drug Discoveries, Advanced Analytics

 Work with Pharma Companies for Analytics in Drug Discovery. 

Provide CROs patient identification Service.

Design of  Experiments-Hypothesis testing for Drug effectiveness. 

To  Real-world evidence-based Decision Making.

TARGET AUDIENCE: CROs,Companies, Research Institutes.

                                                                  ANALYTICS SECTION

Onco Data Digitization

Onco Focused Electronic Medical Record to capture End to End Patient Data

Onco Reports

Standard and Ad Hoc Reporting Engines with interactive charts and dashboards.

Patient 360deg view

Treatment and Discharge Summaries for Individual Patients

Advanced Research Enablement

Partnership with Doctors and Hospitals for Advanced Cancer Research

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