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EMR – Oncology

Oncology Analytics

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EMR - Oncology

*  Designed by practicing oncologists

*  Specifically designed for capturing Oncology data set.

*  All three modules integrated with Demograpics page

*  Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy and Surgical data all separate data entry

*  Can be integrated with analytical module and clinical research module with ease.


*  Captures patient data

*  Privacy and encoding of patient records to ensure confidentiality

*  Classifies the type of cancer and TNM stage

Chemotherapy and Radiation

Chemotherapy – Designed for multiple regimens and date of inputs

Radiation sub divided into

*   External Beam Radiation

*  Brachytherapy

EMR - Reports

*  Standard Reports are pre-defined and are inclued

*  Very easy to use and can be modified by the user